Jan 8, 2010

my life..

What Those Letters Mean(terms and conditions applied)
A= Allah (so that I know who I am, why I'm here etc2)
B= body (so that I can prove I’m a human!!)
C= colors (so that I can see things differently)
D= directions (so that I won’t lost)
E= ethics (so that i know how good people can be)
F= friends (so that I can prove I’m not that boring person)
G= ground (so that I can prove I’m walking on the earth)
H= home/house (so that I’ve place to stay)
I= instinct (so that I know I’m not that bad)
J= jobs (so that I know I’m not a jobless person)
K= k-league (so that others know what I like most)
L= love (so that I know I’m worth to others)
M= mars (so that I know everyone/things have something in common)

N= name (so that others can call my name)
O= objects (so that I know I’m not alone in this world)
P= pee (so that I know there’s water in my body)
Q= questions (so that I know this life is meaningful)
R= rocks (so that I know how hard the human heart-hati- can be)
S= samples (so that I know how things and creatures work)
T= tricks (so that I know how crazy people can be)
U= umbrella (so that I know I need others)
V= vase (so that I can help my mom)
W= wine (so that I know not every single thing in this world is good/halal for me)
X= x-ray (so that I’m eligible to further my study)
Y= you (so that I know how important relationship/friendship is)
Z= zinc (so that I know what my body needs)

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