Aug 14, 2011

Give and Take


melihat berita2 di internet, brings me something.. contohnya apa yang dipaparkan disini, fikir2kanlah : harakah .please dont take it as something political ok!! see it with your heart, not your eyes. Put your emotion down while your brain and heart play role. Cant you see it?

Just wanna say, we're human, we are "makhluk sosial" and have to chat/meet/etc2 with each other. Because we live together then should be some contribution we give, right? We need to be proactive, be ikhlas. But, no matter who we are, we still human, we need each other, there need to be give and take. If we give apples to Mr A (our employer) to please him, and he wants us to do so continuously but a problem appears after months, why? because apples are not something that appears as we want it to be, it needs to be planted or at least bought at shop first before we can give them to others, but if i put apple in a situation where there's only a person who plant apple and sell them. After months, the person died, he had apprentice but none of them continue his work. All the apples left rotten. No one could eat apples anymore. Islam is like that, we wont be muslim if the dakwah not reach nusantara.

It's so me, I'm proud of Islam, but like the apprentices whom proud of the apples but not plant and sell apples like the owner before them did. Today, we see people around us, they are muslim but we wont see Islam as we see today if RasululLah not left his companions and his companions not left groups of really powerful people whom we call as tabi'in and the flows continue. Dont we read the history what kind of hardship faced by people who brings Islam? dont we see the face of the da'ie whom try to smile even they're hurt, try to open their eyes till they cant open it anymore. What else we dont see? We've saw everything. So now, it's our turn to continue their hardwork. They work for Islam, they called for Islam too and that's our work, to build people of Islam. Before that build ourself first!!

There always people who will continue the works of rasululLah but arent we feel proud to be one of them? To be one of the people whom continue the noble dakwah initiated by His prophets? Continue the risalah of RasululLah? Brings this deen as rahmat lil alamin, not as harm to others!! Dont we proud to be one, do we? Dont we say about give and take, do we? lets see Islam in that pov, we are noble because of Islam, so lets be a proud muslim, make the Prophet and our deen proud of us. Lets Him see us as "mujahid fid-dheen", "ansorulLah"..
Umar proud to be muslim, he really showed it, and so Abu Bakr, Usman, Ali and all sahabah radhialLahu anhum.. O Prophet, i'm proud of you, how can you shape your sahabah with such wonderful characters?? And i'm proud of all your sahabah, how can they mujahadah to change for the sake of Islam?! Allahu Akbar..finally, lets enjoy hearing this, a wonderful nasheed by Hijjaz "Aku Hanya Umar"

p/s sorry for my broken english

please correct me if i'm wrong
walLahu a'lam

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