Jan 19, 2010

aah..chincha!!-xpenting, just skip diz one-

wat i can do??or does it really nothing i can do??..diz brain has no more space for bio and brio..!!(logy) facts n theories!!..my mind can't forget sth and keep on thinking on that same, useless (really??) thing to remember (or to regret??)..ah,chincha!!why can't I delete all those data (or information??-sorry sir Ilan-confused..-) from my mind?? go away, get lose and berambus(for diz time bcoz i wanna concentrate on my study)!!why does it so hard to control our own minds and emotions??-lau ym sonang jer, ltak emoticons dah, slsai!!
my mind keeps on processing those data..well, mebi bcoz i'm not strong enough to face all diz things dat y i'm keep on thinking d same thing..but insyaAllah, one day i can live a normal live like others..i don't mean to totally forget it, juz don't wanna keep on thinking bout it at diz time -wrong time lah..-

ha!!ha!!..hopefully diz useful..
only doa is d bez for me right now..

warning2!!diz post is not suitable for underage!!only those who're matured enough can u/stand my feelings..!!-well d word matured is not based on usual or ur criteria, but mine, my own criteria!!-..last but not least, diz is not as wat u think (aniya, chincha)..-u=immatured ppl-,again, my criteria!!