Feb 26, 2010

wat hepen 2 me??

fail2!! ak ingat nk post max 15posts/month tp ni da k 16!(da xley tahan lbey lame!!)
ni mlm last ktaorg beramai2 n insyaAllah akan ditruskan after 2weeks..
tp nie bukan alasan ak mngarut kat cni!!..

ok,let's start..
mgu ni ak sdkt trtkan ntah knpe!!ak tatau ap jadik but i've to be strong!!
i cant't lose again, i've to do sth!!siyesly!!
it just a small matter lah, nothing to worry or to think bout..(really?)
but why i'm still feel ...??
do i really need to do it or just ignore it, once and forever??
or do it only for diz tyme??..
i don't know n not sure myself (corn-fuse)

hmm, but i'm really feel bad bout diz..
to think that there's nothing happen?
whoa, it's not that easy for me..
i decided to keep it deep in my heart!!
won't let others dig it and find out the truth (the secret)..!!
insyaAllah, He will help me out..just don't lose hope..
till then, i'll try my best to forgetand keep on praying
hopefully, in the end, all those things won't come back and disturb my life
ever again!!

i feel like a fool who doesn't know
how to keep a secret!!
should or shouldn't?
sumhow I wrote and posted all these useless things

(my english is bad so sndiri mau pahamla..)
p/s: yoll hang da salah paham nmpaknyer!!ni bukan pasal homesicklah!!haha..